Pipsticks Review

So I ordered this at the beginning of July, and actually received it not long after I ordered it, and it finally crossed my mind that I should share it with all of you! I had never heard of this company until I stumbled upon it on Instagram, and after some investigation, I had to try it out. What is it? It’s a subscription kit full of stickers!!! Yes…I am that excited about it. They offer one specifically catered to adults, so I got their sampler pack just to try it out and see what’s inside.

2015-07-28 18.58.43

(Come on, if you know me, you know I can’t resist a package full of stickers. My inner child is on cloud nine right now.)

2015-07-28 18.58.59

All I can say, is that I love it so much. Each pack comes with 15+ sticker sheets, the cute little vellum envelope it’s packaged in, cute paper or cardstock, and 1 pre-stamped postcard.

2015-07-28 18.59.06

I’m really excited to use a lot of these in my planner, and those puffy ones are so stinkin’ cute, I don’t even want to use them!

2015-07-28 19.00.51

If you want to check out this subscription for yourself, head on over to their website, here.

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Pop Sugar Must Have Review, January 2014

Ok, so before I get into the contents of this box, I just want to say, this post is so late because my box got delivered late because of the “snow scare” we had here in Raleigh.  And by “snow scare,” I mean, we were projected to get less than of an inch of snow, so the shipping company couldn’t deliver my package because it was a danger to do so.  Needless to say, when I went out the day after our snow, it was just cold.  That’s about it.  So yeah, I got my box 5 days after it was supposed to arrive.  No big deal though, except that I could have really used those tech gloves during our so-called snow.  But I guess it’s ok now, because it is actually snowing at this very moment!

I’m going to rate these as either a “Meh,” “Like,” or “Heck Yes!” based on how excited I am about each product.  Just because, why not, right? 🙂

The Contents:


Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask (Value: $40.00)


This is the full size product (4.5 oz) and the little pamphlet that Pop Sugar adds into every box says that this face mask “uses antioxidants and vitamins to gently cleanse pores while sealing in hydration and brightening your complexion.”  I’m definitely interested in this product because it’s a facial cleanser, and I’m still looking for a great one that works well with my combination skin.  After I finish giving my current facial cleansing routine it’s full month test run, I may try this as an alternative.  However, I’m always worried to change over my skin care routine because my skin is so sensitive and only likes like 10% of products out there.

Lynda’s Verdict: Like


The Juice Generation Book (Value: $20.00)


So, I’m not big on recipe books because I usually just make up my own recipes.  However, this is something different, because it’s all about smoothies and juices using healthy ingredients!  This book alone has convinced me that I want a juicer.  And I won’t feel like I have to drag my iPad into the kitchen anytime I want to make a smoothie.

This book also came with a coupon for 30% off of a six-pack of juices from their website.

 Lynda’s Verdict: Heck Yes!


Jack + Lucy Tech Gloves (Value: ~ $20.00)


So I could not find these tech gloves anywhere online to get an accurate price for them.  I do already have a pair of tech gloves, however, I definitely like these better because they are more tailored for my hands.  I always find that with other tech gloves, the fingers end up being too long for my hand, and I can’t even use the tech part of the glove because my finger isn’t at the tip of the glove.  These fit, so I’m happy about that, however, I think they could have been cuter.  But I do understand that this generic look will target the most consumers receiving these in their boxes.

Lynda’s Verdict: Like


Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calendar ($16.00, Now $12 on their website)


When this box was released, this calendar was not on sale, but now it is.  Probably because it’s the end of January.  I love me some calendars, but I already purchased two before I received this one!  And I just don’t think I need three!!  I think this would have been a more useful product to receive in December.  One, because people could use it for the entirety of January (as opposed to receiving it at the end of the month), and two, because they would know to not buy themselves a desk calendar.

This calendar also came with a coupon for 10% off any purchase at their website.

 Lynda’s Verdict: Meh


Pipsnacks White Truffle Pipcorn ($6.00)


Um. Delish!  And they are mini pieces of popcorn!  I love their concept, I love the taste, I love the ingredients, and I love their packaging and design.  And it’s food!  By far, my favorite product in the box.

 Lynda’s Verdict: Heck Yes!


Revlon By Marchesa Box O’ Files ($3.49)


Cute design, however, I cannot tell you the last time I used a nail file.  These will probably be gifted to someone at some point, because I just don’t see myself ever using them.

 Lynda’s Verdict: Meh


Total value of the entire box:  $105.49

Overall, I think this was a decent box, however in my year of subscription with them, I definitely think there were better boxes in previous months.  For information on how to sign up to receive this monthly subscription box, click here.  And don’t forget to enter the code VDAY10 at checkout to receive $10.00 off of your first box!

Bows & Arrows, Lynda