February Favorites

I’m going to go ahead and blame my absence these last few days on Kevin Spacey. Typically, I post my monthly favorites on the last day of the month, or the first day of the new month…but I’ve been slacking this weekend because, well, Kevin Spacey. And that damned dress (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, just click here).

I’m back and at it, so here are my favorites from the month of February.

  1. Lucettegrace2015-02-21 11.10.14 2015-02-14 10.22.54

I was going to make my first favorite the Valentine’s macarons I got from here, but then I realized I should just make the entire business my first favorite (and to be honest, it’s probably going to be my favorite for a while). It’s located in downtown Raleigh, and if you live in Raleigh, or even in the triangle, you should definitely check this place out.

  1. U.S. Apothecary Rose Water Bubble Bath2015-02-14 11.31.43

This was the bubble bath I received in my February Pop Sugar box. I recently ran out of my bubble bars from Lush, and this was much needed for my relaxation baths at night and came at just the right time. I also think it was the perfect scent for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Madewell Flea Market Flaresflares6

I am so glad that flares are back in style again. I’ve always loved a really wide leg pant, because I’m 5’4” and pants like this with heels underneath makes me look so much taller than I really am. And sometimes it’s fun to walk around all day acting like I’m naturally 5’7”.

  1. Bauble Bar Arrow Necklace2015-03-01 19.13.29

For obvious reasons, I love arrows. And this necklace, also from February’s Pop Sugar box, is one of my favorite necklaces! For the longest time, I’ve been trying to find the perfect tiny little gold arrow necklace, and I’ve never been set on buying one when I see it, because I think there might be a better one out there. But this one just came to me, so of course I love it. Pop Sugar made my decision for me.

  1. Skinny Girl Nutrition Bars2015-02-11 14.48.52

I recently tried these, because I found them while at Marshall’s when I wanted a snack, and they were delicious. I’ve purchased more boxes since then from Target, and I love throwing these in my purse as a quick snack in the middle of the day when I need a pick me up.

  1. Vineyard Vines Down Jacketsnowinsta2

I’ve had this jacket for some time now, and it never lets me down in the cold weather. With the frequent snow we’ve had this month, this jacket has become by blanket while outside. Also, I love that it’s navy, because it matches everything and lightens up my sometimes all black outfits during the winter.

  1. Sephora Fragrance Sample Bag2015-03-01 19.14.52

I received this with one of my Sephora orders, and am so happy to try all of these scents. Thanks to this little pouch of scents to test, I have an idea of some new spring scents to try out in T minus 19 days! Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available, but they do sell fragrance sets that come with a voucher for one full sized bottle of the sample vials you test out.

  1. Sugarfina Bento Box2015-02-18 16.37.55IMG_1229-1

If you know me well, you know I love sweets. I ordered these and just so happened to receive them on a(n) snow ice day in the middle of the month. The packaging is absolutely adorable, it comes with a handwritten card, and all the candy tastes delicious. Plus, it feels like you’re really snacking on elevated candy (because you are!).

All opinions in my favorites posts are my own and I am not asked to make these posts by any brand or company listed in my favorites each month. I am also not compensated or sent any of these items for free, and if I were, I would most definitely let my readers know!

Happy March!


December Favorites

So, since it’s the last day of 2013, I decided it would be a good day to talk about some of my favorite things for the month of December.  This may be a regular trend of mine, to post my monthly favorites and discoveries, but only time will tell!  Anyways, for the month of December, here were 8 things I was loving, in no particular order! (By the way, I love making lists.)

Lynda's December Favorites

Lynda’s December Favorites

1. Vineyard Vines Holiday Tartan Plaid Shirt

Vineyard Vines Holiday Tartan Plaid Buttondown, Holiday 2013

Vineyard Vines Holiday Tartan Plaid Buttondown, Holiday 2013

I snatched up the very last one at Belk at the beginning of the month, mwahaha!  And I love it!  It’s a great holiday shirt and also works well with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe, because I’m usually wearing a lot of black, or other dark neutral solids.

2.  Openweave Wool Scarf in Plaid from Madewell

Openweave Scarf in Red Plaid from Madewell, Fall 2013

Openweave Scarf in Red Plaid from Madewell, Fall 2013

Let me just say, this was my go-to scarf of the season.  Like I just mentioned, I wear a lot of dark, neutral colors, and this was the perfect way to complete an outfit on those somewhat cold days we have here in Raleigh.  Because it’s not an infinity scarf, there were multiple ways I could wear it!

3.  Ink Meets Paper Recipe Cards from Anthropologie

Ink Meets Paper Let's Cook Recipe Cards

Ink Meets Paper Let’s Cook Recipe Cards

I purchased these while Christmas shopping from the clearance section in Anthropologie and couldn’t be happier!  I’ve been wanting to start recording all of my original recipes on paper, so when someone asks how I made something, I can give them precise directions, rather than “I add a pinch of rosemary.”  I haven’t had the time to make my own cute recipe cards, so finding these was exciting for me!

4.  Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black

I sampled this in one of the Birchboxes I received when I was subscribed to it a long time ago.  Of all the eyeliners I’ve tried in my lifetime (which I would like to think is quite a lot), this one is my favorite!  It’s liquid, but glides on like a pen instead of with a small brush.  It also stays on and in place, until you remove it with makeup remover.  I particularly like that it doesn’t wear off throughout the day, because I wear contacts, and I believe I touch my eyes, or eyelids, more than the average person.

5.  Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray

This was a present from the precious Ashley Face for Christmas!  It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while, and now that I have, I am happy I did.  It’s an oil, but since it’s in a spray form, you don’t have to worry about it making any particular spot in your hair look greasy.  It also tames the frizz and I find that in the dry weather, helps calm down static hair!

6.  Sharpie Pens

Various Sharpie Pens

Various Sharpie Pens

I am obsessed with these, and have been since I discovered them a while ago.  I know they came out forever ago, but once I saw all the new colors, I needed them all!  (And I still don’t have them all, but I’m working on it)  I color code my calendar and planner all the time, and these pens are what I use for that!  And what makes them even more awesome is that they stick to those sometimes-glossy calendar pages.

7.  Mark. Hand It Over Hand Cream in Pear Blossom

mark. Hand It Over Hand Cream in Pear Blossom

mark. Hand It Over Hand Cream in Pear Blossom

This little hand cream was given to me a long time ago from a customer at the coffee shop I work at, and I just rediscovered it in my pile of makeup and beauty samples.  I do not believe that Mark. carries this particular scent anymore, but they do still have hand creams!  I’ve been carrying it in my purse this month because it’s perfect for the dry weather.

8.  Laura Mercier Lip Glace in Discrete

Laura Mericer Lip Glace in Discrete

Laura Mericer Lip Glace in Discrete

I received a sample of this (not sure if it was the same color) from Sephora a few years ago from the Beauty Insider program and used the whole tube.  It is very rare that I ever use the entire tube of lip gloss, just because I seem to get tired of whatever it is that I’m using and move on to the next product before I finish the first one. (Don’t worry, I save them and use them again when I rediscover them; I’m not that wasteful.)  But I loved this stuff!  It stayed on for a long time without making my lips feel sticky like a lot of lip glosses do.  And, to me, it also smelled like vanilla, which, it wasn’t flavored, I just thought it smelled good on top of already being awesome!

So there ya go.  My list of some December favorites!  Have you tried any of these products, or are you interested in some of these items?  Feel free to let us know in the comments!

Bows and Arrows,

This is Your Go-To Outfit for Black Friday Shopping

Update!  Just because Black Friday has come and gone, doesn’t mean this cannot be used as future shopping attire.  This is your go-to winter shopping outfit!

Black Friday.  It’s right around the corner.  So close in fact that it feels like it’s starting on Thursday.  Oh wait.  It is.  Let me repeat. Black. Friday. Starts. On. Thanksgiving. So is it Black Thursday now too?  Black Two-Days?  You see what I did there?  Probably not.  I’m weird.  Anyways, some people hate Black Friday so much that they avoid going out in public the entire day because “only the crazies go out in that mess to save 10 dollars.”  Others, however, love the deals and the tradition of going shopping with family the day after Thanksgiving, or in this [year’s] case, right after dinner Thursday night.  If you happen to be one of those that chooses to brave the retail jungle for some good finds, take note on the best way to dress to save yourself some time in the fitting rooms and maximize the potential for what you’re about to buy.

First things first!  I know Black Friday is meant to be about buying the vast amount of gifts you’re planning on giving out for the Holidays, but not everyone goes hunting for the perfect present for mom, dad, and Aunt Susie, without taking a minute to shop for herself!  After all, Black Friday is meant to be the day for deals, so why not treat yourself as well?

One key factor to your shopping outfit on Black Friday is mainly comfort.  Who likes shopping when their feet hurt after walking around in those cute little heeled booties for 2 hours?  Answer: no one.  It makes you grumpy, no fun to be around, and leaves you vulnerable to buy a random pair of shoes you happen upon, that you otherwise wouldn’t purchase, just for the comfort of your feet for the next 6 hours of shopping with whomever it is that may be dragging you around the mall at 3 in the morning.

Is this cute?  No way.  It's hard to tell if that shirt is going to look awesome with anything when you try it on with sweats!  Silk shirt is from Nordstrom.

Is this cute? No way. It’s hard to tell if that shirt is going to look awesome with anything when you try it on with sweats! Silk shirt is from Nordstrom.

The other key factor to your outfit for Black Friday is that you are wearing a functional outfit.  Functional?, you make ask, aren’t all clothes functional?  Yes, yes they are.  But do your sweatpants do that cute silk blouse justice when you try it on??  Probs not.  Just sayin’.

So here is a list of what to wear and why for fast try-ons in the middle of the busiest retail season of the year.


You definitely want to wear denim.  This is a must!!! No dresses or skirts.  Dresses seem like a good idea because it’s only one article of clothing you have to remove, however, if you want to try on a top, how do you know it will look good if you’re just standing there in your underwear?!  Exactly.  It’s also kind of annoying to have to take on and off tights or leggings when constantly trying on clothes.  Just stick with denim!

Choosing dark denim is the way to go because it's easy to dress up or down!

Choosing dark denim is the way to go because it’s easy to dress up or down!

Pick a pair of darker wash denim.  Darker washes are easier to dress up or down, so if you wear dark wash denim, you can try on simple t-shirts, as well as nicer button-downs or blouses and more easily comprehend how they will look with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Top: Madewell Legging Denim in Arctic Blue Bottom: J. Brand Mid-Rise Rail in Dark Vintage

Top: Madewell Legging Denim in Arctic Blue
Bottom: J. Brand Mid-Rise Rail in Dark Vintage

T-SHIRT- In Black or White (or Gray if you must)

Step 1:  Wear a basic, solid, neutral-colored tee; it makes trying on bottoms easy.  It is important to wear a solid tee because when trying on printed bottoms such as skirts, having a printed top can alter the look of the skirt, or clash with it, potentially making you not like it as much as you would otherwise.  And you obviously liked it when you saw it on the hanger, so don’t let the print crazy tee you wore to the store distract you from that awesome skirt that also wants to live in your closet!

Stick to neutral solids!  Black V-Neck: Madewell, White Scoop Neck:  Ann Taylor Loft

Stick to neutral solids! Black V-Neck: Madewell, White Scoop Neck: Ann Taylor Loft


Step 2:  Have that solid colored tee be in a neutral color (very important!), preferably one that shows up in the majority of your current wardrobe.  If you wear a lot of black, wear a solid black tee so when trying on, you can see how pieces will look with a color you wear frequently.  Same goes with white.  In the rare case that you wear gray more, or you don’t have any solid black or white t-shirts, you can wear gray, however, black and white are the more favored options here.  Wearing these neutral colors allows the new piece of clothing you’re trying on to stand on it’s own, without the distraction of another color or print competing with it.

 SHOES– Flats, or something similar that you would wear with any outfit!

Tory Burch Reva Ballerina Flats- Easy to wear with denim, skirts, and dresses.

Tory Burch Reva Ballerina Flats- Easy to wear with denim, skirts, and dresses.


For shoes, it is preferable that you wear something that can be easily slipped on and off.  No one wants to spend time in the dressing room tying and untying shoes over and over again.  It is also important to wear a pair of shoes that you could see yourself wearing with every outfit.  You probably won’t wear your Nikes with the shimmer skirt you just bought for New Year’s Eve.  Some sort of flats are the best choice, particularly a pair that you’ve already broken in, so there are no worries about painful feet while shopping!  Flats work best because they can be worn with any outfit.  If flats aren’t your style, other options include booties, Sperry’s, Minnetonka moccasins or Toms, however the latter three are not always recommended because they can be hard to pull off in dressier attire.

Madewell Charley Boot- leather and suede bootie

Madewell Charley Boot- leather and suede bootie

If booties are your shoe of choice, be sure to wear ones that cut at the ankle, because anything higher can make dresses and skirts look to be a weird length, when they’re really not, depending on your height.  Fun fact: for shorter women, wearing booties that completely cover the ankle with knee length (give or take a few inches) dresses or skirts can cause a stumpy effect, and as a short female myself, I can say that no short woman wants to look even shorter!

ACCESSORIES- Keep it simple!

Watch:  Michael Kors Rings and Earrings:  Madewell

Watch: Michael Kors
Rings and Earrings: Madewell


Now is not the time to break out all your flashy jewelry, so you can leave that chunky bauble necklace you just ordered from Amazon at home.  Just wear simple accessories, such as pieces you would wear everyday.  Examples include stud earrings, a watch, and a ring or two.  Too much jewelry and you risk catching them on those super comfortable cable knit sweaters you want to try on.  If you can avoid wearing a necklace, do so; they seem to cause more problems than they are worth when throwing things on over your head about 10 times in a row in a span of 15 minutes.

                STAY WARM– Bring a heavy jacket.

Vineyard Vines Down Jacket

Vineyard Vines Down Jacket


Black Friday involves shopping in the middle of the night/early hours in the morning, so be sure to stay warm by wearing a heavy jacket or whatever is needed to keep warm, especially if you will be shopping at an outdoor mall.  I recommend wearing one substantial jacket, such as a down coat, as opposed to a few lighter layers.  It’s easier to take off one heavy jacket rather than peeling off your light jacket to only then have to remove your sweater, which than reveals yet another layer, and so on.


PURSE- Preferably as small as you can possibly go, cross-body bag recommended!

Dooney and Bourke Crossbody Bag

Dooney and Bourke Crossbody Bag

Holiday season is also theft season…well not really, but theft does increase during the holidays, so you definitely want to keep your valuables close when shopping in big crowds!  This is why I recommend cross-body bags!  If someone wants to swipe it from you, that’s too bad, because they will be taking you along too.  I also recommend traveling to the retail jungle as light as you can (I know it’s hard after you just ate 10 pounds worth of turkey and stuffing not even 6 hours earlier)!  But just remember, you’ll probably be carrying bags and bags of goodies for your family and friends and a heavy purse will just add to that- yet another reason for a cross-body-it keeps your hands free!


Don't forget the ever important coupons that you can top on Black Friday Deals!  And stay germ-free with sanitizer! Socks: Happy Socks

Don’t forget the ever important coupons that you can top on Black Friday Deals! And stay germ-free with sanitizer!
Socks: Happy Socks  These are important for trying on boots and sneakers!

Coupons:  If a store is offering additional discounts with a provided coupon, don’t forget them!  Once you make it to the mall and fight all the animals off in the parking decks for a parking space, you definitely don’t want to have to make the trek back home, only to come right back!  Also, do your research, as some places offer price matching.

Sanitizer:  More crowds means more bathroom use means less soap means potential for no soap, which equals icky!  Especially during flu season!  And that iPhone 5 case you just touched…yeah… about 75 other fingers were touching that before you did in the last 5 hours.  So carry some hand sanitizer!  This should be a purse essential in general, but especially when you’re coming into contact with many more people than usual.

Socks:  Carry socks in your purse if you plan on trying on boots!  It’s no fun trying to guess if the boots will fit when you have socks on.  And let’s face it, those footies the stores give you, which I know are also for sanitation purposes…they just don’t cut it.  It would take about 15 of them to equal the thickness of even the thinnest sock, so just save yourself the trouble and bring your own socks!  What’s worse is having to return the boots because they didn’t fit the way you wanted them to after the holidays with all the other shoppers returning their plethora of unwanted goods.  This is also why you should bite the bullet and just try on if you’re out on Black Friday!!  It will save you a trip back to the store, where all the after holiday grumpies will be standing in line impatiently waiting to return their not-so-awesome presents.

Wearing:  Vineyard Vines Jacket, Madewell Black V-Neck Tee, J. Brand Jeans, and Tory Burch Flats

Wearing: Vineyard Vines Jacket, Madewell Black V-Neck Tee, J. Brand Jeans, and Tory Burch Flats


Wearing: Madewell Black V-Neck Tee, J. Brand Jeans, Dooney and Bourke Cross-body Bag, Michael Kors Watch, and Tory Burch Flats

Wearing: Madewell Black V-Neck Tee, J. Brand Jeans, Dooney and Bourke Cross-body Bag, Michael Kors Watch, and Tory Burch Flats

Hopefully this what-to-wear guide was helpful and eases the stress of your Black Friday shopping!  Good luck out there in the retail jungle!


Bows and Arrows, Lynda