What I Ate Wednesday, 11/12/14

Hi everyone,

This post is appearing so late because today was one of those Wednesday’s that I worked until 10pm. Now that holiday season is in full swing when it comes to shopping, I have to park my car really far away from work and trek through the cold to get to and from my car, which tacks on an additional 10 minutes to my commute. Today, it wasn’t really cold when I was on my way to work…we almost hit 70 degrees (Fahrenheit) here! The weatherman said that today is the last day of the warmer weather though, and that our high tomorrow will be right around 50 degrees, and it will continue to decline for the upcoming days. Anyways! Enough about the weather. Here’s what I had to eat today.


2014-11-12 09.32.20 So…in this picture, there is a cinnamon donut. I didn’t end up eating it. For whatever reason, my brain wasn’t fully awake this morning when I was making my breakfast, and I put the donut in the microwave and heated it for 45 seconds! I don’t know why I thought that was a good idea. My initial plan was to heat it for 10-15 seconds, and somehow my fingers were like, “No Lynda, you want to push the 4 and 5 buttons.” Evil. So yeah, I didn’t eat that. Because it was as hard as a brick.  I could have hurt someone with it.  The other things in the picture I did consume. Frosted Flakes with a small amount of skim milk, and a cup of pumpkin spice coffee with half and half.


2014-11-12 10.39.06

It was just sitting there staring at me. I had to eat it. Darn you, leftover Halloween candy!!


2014-11-12 11.37.36 This was kind of a pathetic lunch, but I wasn’t overly hungry before I had to leave for work. Also, I think this might be the first time in WIAW history to see soda posted on here! I had water, a can of Vanilla Coke, and pretzels. Such a nutritious lunch.


2014-11-12 16.29.32

My dinner was broken into two time periods: 4pm when I had my break at work, and also 10:30pm, when I got home and was starving again! During my break, I had a salad with ginger dressing from Kanki, and their house soup as well. At 10:30pm, I ate the rest of my meal from Kanki; the filet mignon dipped in their ginger sauce, with rice.2014-11-12 16.39.02

After Dinner Dessert

Remember that donut I ruined this morning? Well, I ate one tonight that I didn’t happen to destroy.

And now it’s time for bed! I hope everyone had a great day.  Here’s a picture of Gabi chewing on her bone!

2014-11-12 11.38.06

Bows and arrows,


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