Lately with Lynda

I’m off this weekend, so I’m trying to make the most of it by filling my days with fun and getting all my errands for the week done now.  Here’s a glimpse from my past week!2015-02-14 10.22.54

Valentine’s macarons from Michael.  They were so delicious!

2015-02-20 11.53.43

I bought myself a little something for Valentine’s Day.  If you haven’t heard of Sugarfina, you should definitely check it out!

2015-02-17 11.51.55


Spending a day outside in the snow (who are we kidding…it was all ice) with my little Gabi goose.

2015-02-19 13.53.35

Attempting to stay warm on a cold day at work.

2015-02-17 21.48.45

Ending a work night with a rose water bubble bath.

2015-02-21 11.10.14

Spending my Saturday morning at my favorite spot, Lucettegrace, a perfect start to my weekend.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Bows and Arrows,


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